Sidecar Motocross WC, Oss, Netherlands – qualification

sidecar-motocross-oss-2016-coverFAIZAYXKKülgvankrite MM, Oss, Holland - kvalifikatsioonSidecar Motocross WC first stage is held on this weekend in Netherlands, Oss. Yesterday took place qualification races, two Estonian pairs also took part from that – Kert Varik/Maarek Miil (WSP/KTM) and Gert Gordejev/Keit Kivaste (WSP/Zabel).

Sidecar Motocross WC, Oss, Netherlands – qualification

Qualification is divided into two separate races, A and B race, and from both races 12 fastest will get into final races, plus 6 fastest from the last chance race.

A-race were ruled by 2014 world champion Ben Adriaenssen/Lauris Daiders. Second place were taken by strong british pair Stuart Brown/Josh Chamberlain. Sixt place went to reigning world champion Etienne Bax/Robbie Bax. Robbie become on this season older brother passenger. Start of the season has been very tough, even before start of the new year team announced to change their 2 stroke Zabel engine to 4 stroke Yamaha. There have been many technical issuses and problems.

A-race results:

1.14Ben Adriaenssen (Belgia)/Lauris Daiders (Läti)WSP/AMS-
2.5Stuart Brown (Suurbritannia)/Josh Chamberlain (Suurbritannia)WSP/Zabel+ 13.238
3.17Tomas Cermak (Tšehhi)/Ondrej Cermak (Tšehhi)WSP/Mega+ 42.499
4.10Gert van Werven (Holland)/Siebe van der Putten (Holland)Moto-B/TM+ 47.870
5.19Davy Sanders (Belgia)/Roy Bijenhof (Holland)WSP/Zabel+ 48.894
6.82Etienne Bax (Holland)/Robbie Bax (Holland)WSP/Yamaha+ 49.447
7.12Brett Wilkinson (Suurbritannia)/Steve Kirwin (Suurbritannia)WSP/Zabel+ 50.121
8.7Marvin Vanluchene (Belgia)/Haralds Kurpnieks (Eesti)VMC/Zabel+ 52.326
9.3Jan Hendrickx (Belgia)/Ben van den Bogaart (Holland)WSP/Husqvarna+ 54.394
10.338Stan Goeyvaerts (Belgia)/Nick Maas (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 1:58.686
11.112Frank Mulders (Holland)/Joey van der Venne (Holland)WSP/Zabel+ 2:03.377
12.37Tobias Blank (Saksamaa)/Michael Klooz (Saksamaa)VMC/Zabel+ 2:26.489
13.86Marcel Faustmann (Saksamaa)/Andres Haller (Prantsusmaa)VMC/Zabel+ 2:32.843
14.117Steven Deprez (Belgia)/Bjron Serpetiers (Belgia)WSP/Kawasaki+ 1 ring
15.714Kenneth Dierckens (Belgia)/Dennis van den Bulck (Belgia)VMC/Zabel+ 1 ring
16.121Sebastian Engelbrecht (Saksamaa)/Andreas Hegewald (Saksamaa)WHT/KTM+ 1 ring
17.22Benjamin Weiss (Austria)/Patrick Schneider (Austria)VMC/Zabel+ 2 ringi
18.58Joachim Reimann (Saksamaa)/Philipp Reimann (Saksamaa)WSP/Zabel+ 3 ringi
19.46Carlo van Duijnhoven (Holland)/Bart Sloot (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 5 ringi
20.24Jan Visscher (Holland)/Jeroen Visscher (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 5 ringi

B-race best were 10 times sidecarcross world champion Daniel Willemsen/Peter Beunk. Estonians pairs was Kert Varik/Maarek Miil 12th fastest and Gert Gordejev/Keit Kivaste 15th place. Varik/Miil qualified directly to final races. Gordejev/Kivaste needed to take part from the last chance race.

Estonian pair Varik/Miil at the race, photo Albert Schreuder
Estonian pair Varik/Miil at the race, photo Albert Schreuder

B-race results:

1.111Daniel Willemsen (Holland)/Peter Beunk (Holland)WSP/Zabel-
2.6Koen Hermans (Holland)/Kenny van Gaalen (Holland)WHT/Zabel+ 18.791
3.11Jason Vandaele (Belgia)/Tim Smeuninx (Belgia)WHT/Husqvarna+ 30.758
4.15Andreas Clohse (Belgia)/Christian Verhagen (Holland)WSP/Zabel+ 32.227
5.8Andy Bürgler (Šveits)/Martin Betschart (Šveits)WS/KTM+ 33.419
6.444Nick Jarvis (Suurbritannia)/Christian Nilsson (S)WSP/Husqvarna+ 1:02.707
7.23Kristof Santermans (Belgia)/Elvijs Mucenieks (Läti)WSP/Zabel+ 1:06.295
8.32Igor Rodionov (Venemaa)/Arturs Linters (Läti)WSP/Zabel+ 1:45.307
9.42Christophe Cuche (Šveits)/Cuche Maxime (Šveits)VMC/KTM+ 1:50.215
10.100Silvio Senz (Saksamaa)/Stefan Nicke (Saksamaa)VMC/Zabel+ 1:53.339
11.271Arne Dierckens (Belgia)/Kenny Boxtaele (Belgia)VMC/Zabel+ 1:55.360
12.18Kert Varik (Eesti)/Maarek Miil (Eesti)WSP/KTM+ 1:56.561
13.81Justin Keuben (Holland)/Dion Rietman (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 2:17.742
14.118Stijn Matthys (Belgia)/Dagwin Sabbe (Belgia)WSP/Zabel+ 2:19.892
15.27Gert Gordejev (Eesti)/Keit Kivaste (Eesti)WSP/Zabel+ 2:22.755
16.114Nick Janssens (Belgia)/Glenn Janssens (Belgia)WSP/Zabel+ 1 ring
17.911Adrian Peter (Saksamaa)/Andy Schlinnertz (Belgia)WSP/Zabel+ 1 ring
18.2Valentin Giraud (Prantsusmaa)/Nicolas Musset (Prantsusmaa)WHT/KTM+ 2 ringi
19.21Lukas Cerny (Tšehhi)/Radek Musil (Tšehhi)WSP/Jawa+ 3 ringi
20.52Martin Vratny (Tšehhi)/Radek Viton (Tšehhi)WSP/MEFO+ 3 ringi
21.87Larris Hendrickx (Belgia)/Levi Vaes (Belgia)WSP/Zabel

The Last chance race didn’t go well to Gordejev/Kivaste and they didn’t pass to final races, they took 7 place. The Last chance race best were Valentin Giraud/Nicolas Musset.


Foto’s Quali Day @MCO Oss Quali Group A – Albert Schreuder
Foto’s Quali Day @MCO Oss Quali Group B – Albert Schreuder


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