AMA Supercross 2017 calendar

AMA Supercross 2017 calendar and FIM Supercross 2017 calendar

1.January 7, 2017Anaheim 1Angel StadiumWest
2.January 14, 2017San DiegoPetco ParkWest
3.January 21, 2017Anaheim 2Angel StadiumWest
4.January 28, 2017PhoenixUniversity of Phoenix StadiumWest
5.February 4, ColiseumWest
6.February 11, 2017ArlingtonAT&T StadiumWest
7.February 18, 2017MinneapolisU.S. Bank StadiumEast
8.February 25, 2017AtlantaGeorgia DomeEast
9.March 4, 2017TorontoRogers CentreEast
10.March 11, 2017DaytonaSX Daytona International SpeedwayEast
11.March 18, 2017IndianapolisLucas Oil StadiumEast
12.March 25, 2017DetroitFord FieldEast
13.April 1, 2017St. LouisThe Dome at America's CenterEast
14.April 8, 2017SeattleCentury Link FieldWest
15.April 22, 2017Salt Lake CityRice-Eccles StadiumWest
16.April 29, 2017New JerseyMetLife StadiumEast
17.May 6, 2017Las VegasSam Boyd StadiumEast/West

Sidecar Motocross WC, Oss, Netherlands – qualification

sidecar-motocross-oss-2016-coverFAIZAYXKKülgvankrite MM, Oss, Holland - kvalifikatsioonSidecar Motocross WC first stage is held on this weekend in Netherlands, Oss. Yesterday took place qualification races, two Estonian pairs also took part from that – Kert Varik/Maarek Miil (WSP/KTM) and Gert Gordejev/Keit Kivaste (WSP/Zabel).

Sidecar Motocross WC, Oss, Netherlands – qualification

Qualification is divided into two separate races, A and B race, and from both races 12 fastest will get into final races, plus 6 fastest from the last chance race.

A-race were ruled by 2014 world champion Ben Adriaenssen/Lauris Daiders. Second place were taken by strong british pair Stuart Brown/Josh Chamberlain. Sixt place went to reigning world champion Etienne Bax/Robbie Bax. Robbie become on this season older brother passenger. Start of the season has been very tough, even before start of the new year team announced to change their 2 stroke Zabel engine to 4 stroke Yamaha. There have been many technical issuses and problems.

A-race results:

1.14Ben Adriaenssen (Belgia)/Lauris Daiders (Läti)WSP/AMS-
2.5Stuart Brown (Suurbritannia)/Josh Chamberlain (Suurbritannia)WSP/Zabel+ 13.238
3.17Tomas Cermak (Tšehhi)/Ondrej Cermak (Tšehhi)WSP/Mega+ 42.499
4.10Gert van Werven (Holland)/Siebe van der Putten (Holland)Moto-B/TM+ 47.870
5.19Davy Sanders (Belgia)/Roy Bijenhof (Holland)WSP/Zabel+ 48.894
6.82Etienne Bax (Holland)/Robbie Bax (Holland)WSP/Yamaha+ 49.447
7.12Brett Wilkinson (Suurbritannia)/Steve Kirwin (Suurbritannia)WSP/Zabel+ 50.121
8.7Marvin Vanluchene (Belgia)/Haralds Kurpnieks (Eesti)VMC/Zabel+ 52.326
9.3Jan Hendrickx (Belgia)/Ben van den Bogaart (Holland)WSP/Husqvarna+ 54.394
10.338Stan Goeyvaerts (Belgia)/Nick Maas (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 1:58.686
11.112Frank Mulders (Holland)/Joey van der Venne (Holland)WSP/Zabel+ 2:03.377
12.37Tobias Blank (Saksamaa)/Michael Klooz (Saksamaa)VMC/Zabel+ 2:26.489
13.86Marcel Faustmann (Saksamaa)/Andres Haller (Prantsusmaa)VMC/Zabel+ 2:32.843
14.117Steven Deprez (Belgia)/Bjron Serpetiers (Belgia)WSP/Kawasaki+ 1 ring
15.714Kenneth Dierckens (Belgia)/Dennis van den Bulck (Belgia)VMC/Zabel+ 1 ring
16.121Sebastian Engelbrecht (Saksamaa)/Andreas Hegewald (Saksamaa)WHT/KTM+ 1 ring
17.22Benjamin Weiss (Austria)/Patrick Schneider (Austria)VMC/Zabel+ 2 ringi
18.58Joachim Reimann (Saksamaa)/Philipp Reimann (Saksamaa)WSP/Zabel+ 3 ringi
19.46Carlo van Duijnhoven (Holland)/Bart Sloot (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 5 ringi
20.24Jan Visscher (Holland)/Jeroen Visscher (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 5 ringi

B-race best were 10 times sidecarcross world champion Daniel Willemsen/Peter Beunk. Estonians pairs was Kert Varik/Maarek Miil 12th fastest and Gert Gordejev/Keit Kivaste 15th place. Varik/Miil qualified directly to final races. Gordejev/Kivaste needed to take part from the last chance race.

Estonian pair Varik/Miil at the race, photo Albert Schreuder
Estonian pair Varik/Miil at the race, photo Albert Schreuder

B-race results:

1.111Daniel Willemsen (Holland)/Peter Beunk (Holland)WSP/Zabel-
2.6Koen Hermans (Holland)/Kenny van Gaalen (Holland)WHT/Zabel+ 18.791
3.11Jason Vandaele (Belgia)/Tim Smeuninx (Belgia)WHT/Husqvarna+ 30.758
4.15Andreas Clohse (Belgia)/Christian Verhagen (Holland)WSP/Zabel+ 32.227
5.8Andy Bürgler (Šveits)/Martin Betschart (Šveits)WS/KTM+ 33.419
6.444Nick Jarvis (Suurbritannia)/Christian Nilsson (S)WSP/Husqvarna+ 1:02.707
7.23Kristof Santermans (Belgia)/Elvijs Mucenieks (Läti)WSP/Zabel+ 1:06.295
8.32Igor Rodionov (Venemaa)/Arturs Linters (Läti)WSP/Zabel+ 1:45.307
9.42Christophe Cuche (Šveits)/Cuche Maxime (Šveits)VMC/KTM+ 1:50.215
10.100Silvio Senz (Saksamaa)/Stefan Nicke (Saksamaa)VMC/Zabel+ 1:53.339
11.271Arne Dierckens (Belgia)/Kenny Boxtaele (Belgia)VMC/Zabel+ 1:55.360
12.18Kert Varik (Eesti)/Maarek Miil (Eesti)WSP/KTM+ 1:56.561
13.81Justin Keuben (Holland)/Dion Rietman (Holland)VMC/Zabel+ 2:17.742
14.118Stijn Matthys (Belgia)/Dagwin Sabbe (Belgia)WSP/Zabel+ 2:19.892
15.27Gert Gordejev (Eesti)/Keit Kivaste (Eesti)WSP/Zabel+ 2:22.755
16.114Nick Janssens (Belgia)/Glenn Janssens (Belgia)WSP/Zabel+ 1 ring
17.911Adrian Peter (Saksamaa)/Andy Schlinnertz (Belgia)WSP/Zabel+ 1 ring
18.2Valentin Giraud (Prantsusmaa)/Nicolas Musset (Prantsusmaa)WHT/KTM+ 2 ringi
19.21Lukas Cerny (Tšehhi)/Radek Musil (Tšehhi)WSP/Jawa+ 3 ringi
20.52Martin Vratny (Tšehhi)/Radek Viton (Tšehhi)WSP/MEFO+ 3 ringi
21.87Larris Hendrickx (Belgia)/Levi Vaes (Belgia)WSP/Zabel

The Last chance race didn’t go well to Gordejev/Kivaste and they didn’t pass to final races, they took 7 place. The Last chance race best were Valentin Giraud/Nicolas Musset.


Foto’s Quali Day @MCO Oss Quali Group A – Albert Schreuder
Foto’s Quali Day @MCO Oss Quali Group B – Albert Schreuder